Foundry Authors Academy

Hello there Everyone,

I know it’s been a while since the last update.

I’d like to tell you a little bit about a series of events we’re running in conjunction with and Cryptic Studios.

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The Foundry Authors Academy

The FAA consists of a series of live streamed video events spread over six weeks. The goal is to bring people into the Foundry, play with the UGC (User Generated Content) toolset and share their own stories with the other players of Star Trek Online. The Academy ‘classes’ will guide users from the very first moment they press the “Create Content” button, on through to more advanced editing tricks and techniques.

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Star Trek and Other things

Hi Everyone,

A Quick update.

About two weeks ago I was approached by the Community Manager for Star Trek Online (The MMO by Cryptic Studios) to create a video trailer/advertisement for the Foundry (the User Generated Content Tool within the game). This piece would be placed along with a blog written by the community onto first and now as of today onto itself.

I have to tell you it was both extremely exciting and terrifying. So far it seems to have gone down well, but I’d like your comments too.


In other news, we’ve applied for funding for a short film project and a potential webseries to be made over the summer.

More news on these will follow in the next couple of weeks.




Welcome to the Brand New Cerberus Films website (V3.0)

We’re still working out some of the kinks but here she is.


Any suggestions for it, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

You’ll find all the latest news here.