Hi, I’m Andrew. I go by names like; Idiot, Panda, Mr. Berry, Mr Multiberry, Andy (but never call me that one).  I like shiny stuff. And video games, popcorn, Internet, video games, music and maths. But mainly shiny stuff. I’m a happy go-lucky guy, who likes to have things planned out and things done logically. I’m an English Born in the Highlands of Scotland, so I consider myself as British. I know this sounds like a dating profile, but trust me, I do actually do work with Cerberus Radio.

Whether it’s simply uploading a video to our Youtube channel or recording a podcast, I’m normally there to help. I often help out Oliver with filming and hopefully editing in the upcoming weeks. I started helping maybe a year ago, when it was purely podcasts.

As a great man once said “insert inspirational quote said by someone quite famous but not so famous that the quote is slightly hipster”.


Andrew Berry.  









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